Sunlight Meditations

I couldn’t think of what to write today so I drifted towards the sea, sunlight sparkling, reflecting.

Powerful insights of the vastness….ocean’s blue. Seagulls barked complaining, but I was already in my meditation pose,

with my spirit following and I remembered the light given…how the refracting light through the trees of a forest, brings life.

Light opening even the smallest flower.

Eyes closed, I breathed again…

Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 ancient skies

35 thoughts on “Sunlight Meditations

      1. Ah…!!! No I don’t.

        Interestingly I too experienced this yesterday with my “death of the day” poem. I struggled for ages trying to correct it. I took it off. Re did it. Reposted etc. Asked my son. Goggled. Tried various things. All to no avail.

        That’s why the “thunderbolt” one that I’d planned for today went out yesterday instead, as a test.

        I did try another one which also failed to show the picture.

        I then realised that yours wasn’t visible because it’s one of things I always enjoy about your posts.

        But it still didn’t occur to me that it was possibly just a glitch which was my son’s opinion.

        I only ever write and post from my smartphone. So maybe it’s different for you if you use a computer.

        HOWEVER in the edit option there is a “Set featured image” button. When I did that after putting in the picture before posting, “the great thunderbolt”, it worked. I’d also noticed that images haven’t been appearing on my Twitter feed that is linked to my WP account.
        If you can locate the featured image option that could work.

        It’s very challenging when these things happen. I’ll check your next one. I hope it works.

        Could be a glitch or that WP have updated something as these sites do from time to time confusing us all. Many blessings always. Let me know 💙💙

      2. Thank you D.A. that does help alot. I’ve also maxed out on my storage capacity as well. I will give your suggestion a try. Stay tuned for further! Peace my friend and wonderful blessings.

      3. I do hope you get it resolved. We put so much into our posts that it’s upsetting when the technology fails us.

        May I ask what you mean about “storage capacity”? Are you referring to your phone?

        Very many blessings always.

      4. No each site has a maximum amount of space. And I have reached that. I have been blogging for years. I think there about 1,500 photographs loaded here, and 2,814 posts! Ain’t that amazing? Peace my friend and blessings.

      5. Wow!!! How very interesting!!! I can see why you mentioned this now, in case that was a factor.

        Congratulations on your tremendous output, photography and poetry. It’s a true joy to share the gifts we’ve been blessed with. Which you have done in abundance.
        Many blessings always.

      6. On second thoughts…as we have both experienced this unexpected turn of events, it could be a temporary glitch. It might not happen again if one posts a new piece as before.

        Or you might look into the Featured Image option…

        Ah…the joys of technology…
        Many blessings always

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