Seeking the Peace

On that day, answers remained without their questions defined,

so I ascended into the sky, seeking the peace

that surpasses all understanding,

it was my spirit that knew,

more than my mind,

it was always my spirit…..

so I ignored the early

and the latter storms

until my wholeness was completed….

it wasn’t easy though,

is it ever really easy?

Poetry an Image Copyright ยฉ 2020 ancient skies

52 thoughts on “Seeking the Peace

  1. First time visitor. Wow … Deep and much to ponder. Love the imagery. Bottom line – whew – life is constantly navigating challenges – one key is how an individual deals with them.

  2. Thought-provoking, Nico, and no, it’s never easy. Your timing is perfect because my son and I are undergoing some medical tests that will hopefully paint a clearer picture and one that is not too daunting. It seems there could be a genetic component from me that started something in my kids. Not easy to process. Anyway, I send comforting hugs, dear friend, and one day at a time has always been my guide.

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