The Joy of Writing

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m having a great time writing! Isn’t that what writing and creating is all about?

I rarely post on Wednesdays now, but wanted to share an update. Some months ago, I said I was cutting back,

and slowly since then I’ve been posting a little bit more over a period of time. I doubt if I ever get back to once a day. Can you believe I used to post twice a day?

I have no idea how, because life is too busy. Yet 4-5 times a week seems doable. I usually post in the morning.

Rarely will you see one in the late afternoon from me (eastern standard time).

Thank you so much for reading!


Writing and Image Copyright Β© 2020 ancient skies

Note: The horses above are actually wild horses. I used to ride horses when I was young.

31 thoughts on “The Joy of Writing

  1. Cheers to you for realizing the pace that you want to do. Back in the day on my old blog, I started with several per week, then increased to 6 days of week. I can see how one can become consumed – feeling the need to post for the readers. In time, I decreased to 5 … then to 4. On the new blog, I hope to stick to 3. I keep remembering something I read …. bloggers shouldn’t overwhelm their readers … and that’s one of the readers I hope to stick to 3.

  2. Those look like the wild Assateague ponies:) Finding a good posting schedule is hard to do for sure! That something I’ve been struggling with a lot recently.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, they are. We saw them several years ago. And by the way, welcome to my blog! As far as posting goes, go with what works for you. Even if it is once a week. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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