As the Wind Fills My Wings

When I write of peace and poetry,

my heart is quickened

as the wind fills my wings,

strengthening my wordflow.

I sure do enjoy writing like this, as you probably know! It is my art, but more than that, it is very much who I am… I share pieces of my light. My intention is to encourage both you and I.

Please understand though that when I write of overcoming pain and suffering, it doesn’t mean that I am going through anything at the time. Yes, I write from experience, but I do not write as a therapy.

I simply create, often praying about what I should write. And when I do or sometimes even before I even get to that point, the words just flow through me, in varying degrees. That’s how my poems are created, and how I came up with the term “wordflow”. Maybe you write poetry like that too.

As a side note, I haven’t started on the renovations of my site yet, but I will soon! I want it to reflect more of who I am now.

Thank you so much for reading!


Poetry and Image Copyright © 2020 ancient skies

47 thoughts on “As the Wind Fills My Wings

  1. Poetry for each writer serves them in different ways, like words there are multiple meanings and purposes. Have a blessed day, may it fill your wings. 🦅

  2. I loved it… very well written… keep it up… I’ve followed you..I hope to see some more amazing stuff by you.. 😊 Please checkout my blog too… I hope you’ll have a good time reading them… lots of love.. 😊

  3. I can relate to the process of poetry and your term workflow. I truly admire your poetry, it is beautiful inspiration.

    I love this poem – how peace becomes winds of strength for the wings!

  4. The wind and wings are excellent metaphors, and you used them very well. In reading your words following the poem, well done. Pain is part of everyday life and comes in many forms. Sure, we can learn from others, but not everyone handles pain the same way. Carry on, kind sir … carry on.

  5. Thank you for sharing a bit about your poetry writing process – your “wordflow.” I often have similar experiences and I am frequently surprised by the subjects and poems that show up. I recently wrote several poems about significant women from my life who have passed. Those poems surprised me and now I have a tribute to several strong women from my life, who are no longer here, in physical form. Just letting the words flow, letting their voices be heard. 💕

    1. That’s really beautiful Michele, though I’m sorry for your loss. Yes those types of deep emotions can be formed into beautiful words and ideas. Creating tributes are always wonderfully beautiful to me. Wordflow can also be deeply spiritual I think, as we acknowledge that we have a spirit, simply as part of who we are. Peace and wonderful blessings my friend. Have a beautiful weekend.

      1. Thank you, Nico. I have written several eulogies and obituaries through the years, but never a collection of tribute poems for deceased loved ones. The process was meaningful and I love the final pieces. 💗 You too, enjoy your weekend.

  6. I completely relate to your ‘wordflow’ experience. I have always considered myself to be a conduit when writing poems or painting…receiving the flow from some Universal flow. Forced creativity never works for me…it has no essence. A beautiful post..thank you.

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