Winter’s Breath

Winter’s breath descending with a sense of quiet to our world,

infusing our reflections with peaceflow shaping

the understanding of who we,

within our restoration.

Wordflow is stronger in renewal.

Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2020 ancient skies

27 thoughts on “Winter’s Breath

      1. We absolutely do! I think you always touch me with your poetry because I feel this so strongly too! Thank you and you too, Nico!

  1. A sense of quiet. You have beautifully captured the essence of winter, and why I love it so very much. There is nothing more magical than a heavy snow that falls straight down in big, bountiful flakes. It deadens all noise, and keeps everyone quiet with the pure wonder of watching this glorious gift from above.

    1. Yes so true! I love your description of heavy snow and winter. I have always enjoyed this season. And thank you so much for your beautiful comments! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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