After the Fall

Well I’m able to take less Tylenol now. I wasn’t able to sit long at my blogging table though. My knees are killing me, and my ankle, the one that was caught in a hole and sent me sprawling, is definitely sprained and hurts like heck.

I’m able to hobble with a walking stick. Other parts hurt too, but the biggest issue is my writing arm. Definitely sprained in the wrist, hand, thumb region. Lots of pain, and I’m wearing a brace. So no I’m not fine, but somewhat better.

And no I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m a writer, so I write.

Fortunately I still have a poem which is taking shape. If you leave messages for me (I love messages by the way) I’ll leave a short response when I’m able, like:

Thanks peace!

Writing and Image Copyright © 2020 rivers renewed

18 thoughts on “After the Fall

  1. I am sorry to know this fall, Nico . Ankles and hand make you suffering. Be prudent and get a rest .
    of course it is sure the year 2021 will be better . This my wish for you both
    In friendship

  2. Nico, if you don’t already have some, suggest you get ahold of some arnica. It speeds the healing of sprains, strains, bruises, etc. Comes in creams, gels, and sublingual tablets. I swear by it.
    No need to answer this. Just take care and feel better soon.

  3. I just realized I haven’t been seeing your posts. I drift away from blogworld at times. Sending healing wishes as I see so many do. I have the Accident in my history. I know Tylenol.

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