The Christmas Hawk

She loved the way the cold air filled her feathers on Christmas Day. First through the blue skies,

then turning, banking and spinning around… twirling straight into a snow squall,

the mystical grey, high up on the ridge. There was so much joy this day!

A new day filled with hope, and life never ending, declared, openly.

All about the Anointed One, the star lighting the hearts of humans.

She continued to twirl, banking and praising God with her wings

as the snow came down heavily,

and the wind that never ends…..

and somewhere in that wind beyond the tallest oak trees,

she heard a choir singing…..

Merry Christmas!

Poetry and Image Copyright © revised 2020 rivers renewed

13 thoughts on “The Christmas Hawk

  1. Despite of the snow the hawk was flying of joy in hearing the angels choir coming from the oaks
    I know an old French song named ” la voix des chênes ” ( the voice of the oaks)
    I hope you got a great Christmas, Nico.
    In friendship

    1. Thank you Michel! That’s beautiful. Yes it was a very good day. We just finished having pumpkin pie. God bless you and your family my friend, especially during this season. Peace.

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