May the Depth of Our Song Be Remembered

May the depth of our song be remembered, as releasing the wings of our spirits

while feathers in the wind recall cloud songs,

the Earth still mourns for her people,

yet the sky whispers

for a new day,

to awaken.

Poetry Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed,

music by Mary Youngblood

31 thoughts on “May the Depth of Our Song Be Remembered

  1. A beautifully touching song accompanied by words to match a lovely spirit that blows through the wind reminding us all to love. It whispers to us all, flies freely upon the wind and is carried on feathers of the living creatures of the world. What a beautiful tribute 🙂

  2. The music is beautiful and the words echo in rhythm.

    The music is like a walk in the woods (which I do daily) each inflection is a part of nature’s movement. Thank you for sharing.

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