Rivers Diverted

Peace does flow through us like a river, yet in the Untied States, our rivers can be diverted.

I find it difficult to write my normal poetry right now due to the horrific violence at the Capitol the other day. It was worse than we thought. Did you see the Neo-Nazi/KKK flag on the news being waved that day? I saw it with my own eyes.

And then there were the Confederate flags. And a flag with an assault rifle. Yes there were plenty of average Joe Citizens there believing the lies about our election.

Yes…the current president lied to our people once again. Even a staff member said this. And now we have death and destruction. No it wasn’t Antifa. That is another lie busted by our own FBI.

Conservatives often make the mistake of saying there are bad people on both sides. Yes, but NO. Liberals are not armed to the teeth trying to take over our government. Not even close.

One story says there was a truck found close to the Capitol with guns and bombs. Some of these fringe groups came armed wanting to take hostages and kill people. There’s photographic and internet evidence.

My river will always flow, but right now I cannot write. It’s kind of like grieving.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

14 thoughts on “Rivers Diverted

    1. Thank you Elle, and I hope not! With the new President I think we will also see a much greater response if it does. I think he will deal with this type of behavior much more effectively. Peace my friend and blessings

  1. I found myself embarrassed, reluctant to admit how much all this has affected me. I try to tell myself that the world has always been like, mix of good / evil, peace and war but can’t seem to lift my awareness to some higher level. It has really had a deeply upsetting effect on my life

    1. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Many feel this way, but remember there is hope for the future. The new president will be much different and far better I think. Peace to you and blessings.

    1. Yes, thank you Anna! In particular I’m grieving over this riot and the unbelievable hate. There were at least 6 different Neo Nazi type groups there, and hatred too for the media. Mostly there was hate because they were told the election results show Trump as the winner (a lie) by our lying president. Lying caused death and destruction. Peace and blessings to you

    1. Yes me too, but that was a low point yesterday when I wrote it. The more we know about the riot, the more hate, and racism becomes known. There were at least 6 Neo-Nazi groups there. Reporters were attacked. Anyway the future has to be better. Peace and blessings.

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