The Earth Seemed Young

The earth seemed young back then, primal somehow, when I began

searching through those deep woods trails

the earth veiled in a cloak, I already knew though

the certainty of owls wings in the night

that mist will burn away,

and that the Almighty declared….

we were never alone.

We each will find our way.

Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2015, revised 2021 rivers renewed

Note: Pieces here originally posted in 2015

28 thoughts on “The Earth Seemed Young

  1. Your beautiful poem, Nico, expresses well what it feels like to be in the forest at night in a narrow path and suddenly hear the cry of the owl not far away.
    In friendship

  2. This is so so beautiful. I am really stoked. I haven’t been able to be here recently, but now I am, and I can say,I still get the best and the most positive vibes here. Really really beautiful.

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