America the Free

Yes, and in my vision I saw many streams and creeks expanding their shores, moving in strength

in their flow, becoming rivers. And the voice said, “There is much work that needs doing….”

So I knew, in our collective sense of healing,

this was only the beginning.

Lord God give us the wisdom,

for our decisions, and with courage

may we heal,

one another.


Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed


28 thoughts on “America the Free

    1. Thank you my friend! I am so filled with joy today as I watch the process beginning. It started last night with the Memorial for covid victims. It was conducted by our new President and Vice President. It’s the first time really we as a nation have been able to grieve. We have a lot of work to do – but we have begun! Light is breaking through everywhere! Peace and wonderful blessings.

      1. The wonderful thing is that the nation can do this together again since the uniting process has begun. So much hope and faith in this presidency! Blessings to you and your fellow men, Nico!

  1. This is wonderful. I absolutely agree. Not just as a nation, but as a world we need to heal. We need to walk together in the light and hold hands in the dark. While this is an opportunity of light, let’s hope we continue to grow together, this world as one big fat family.

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