Poet’s Muse

Shape shifting into that wolf he used to be, or even the lion made of fire and stone, produced nothing more than comical lyrics and dreams of hunting with dull knives instead of that line, that phrase he had called forth, the one on the tip of his tongue, he could almost taste it….

he refused the temptation to allow despair to take him down, to allow the lancing of his pain, the calling out of anguish using poetry as way of defeating. No.

His muse must live…..but he refused to share her nakedness, her bare soul, the broken body from chemo and cancer, the legs he adored now whittled down, he would not go there, if he did he would not live there. Crushed.

God spoke and he listened. The warm embrace of nature began with a soft sun…..melting the ice. And rain, one of those beautiful life giving rains. His arm. A pen on paper.

And life began again, somehow. Spring.

Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed

Note: This is fiction. My wife is taking chemo but we are ok.

50 thoughts on “Poet’s Muse

    1. Thank you Erika! When a couple goes through cancer the emotions can be quite raw, and that’s what I was aiming for. I was concerned that I went a little too far with the emotion so thank you my friend. I’m glad it worked out. Peace and blessings to you.

      1. Such exceptional situations bring emotions up we had not expected them to be possible. So, I can only imagine. There is so much coming together and still hope and faith need to be held high. Big inner turmoils. I only know it from my nephew’s leukemia. No, you did not go too far at all, dear friend.

      2. Thank you Erika, your comments are beautiful and encouraging. I hope your nephew is doing ok now. My wife’s condition is long term so your comments mean a lot right now. Peace and wonderful blessings my friend.

      3. He was 16 when it was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago, but thank God, he made it so well through the treatment. Although it was so hard for him, he never complained only a single time. Amazing boy!
        I will include your wife and you in my prayers, Nico. May your wife gain strength and may she be flooded with life’s energy eliminating all blockings. May healing light be the only thing that flows through her. Sending you both healing thoughts and blessings πŸ’–

      4. Thank you Erika. We so appreciate your prayers, thoughts and blessings! That’s good to hear about your nephew. With science today, young people can do a lot better. My wife has had cancer 3 times now off and on. She was first diagnosed in her 40’s. That was so life threatening we almost lost her. Our whole family was traumatized by it. The children were young then, and I know for myself I still have some of the trauma as well but it is much much less now. We are so connected as a couple.
        Back to the poem – it’s really about looking for inspiration, looking for hope, even in the midst of horrible circumstances. It was looking back at some emotions that were raw.
        My wife is stable, has cancer but she is stable. I hope that makes sense. That’s why I can say we are ok now. Peace my friend and thank you for being here.

      5. It makes so much sense. It seems you have grown so much from the past trauma and have developed this deep faith from the experiences. You are encouraging in a very grounded and calming way which radiates from all your posts. Thank you for doing this, Nico! Much love to you and yours, dear friend!

  1. Your words are powerful and moving, Nico. I’m glad your wife is okay, but you both are in my prayers. And thank you for the hope you convey. Blessings, Lauren

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