The Healing of Spring

The fragments, the shattered pieces of our inner rooms, will seek their own healing

when our minds turn to the sun,

and our eyes take in,

the encouragement of a flower.


all we need

is one.

And the light dawns,

that we are made too.


Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed

29 thoughts on “The Healing of Spring

  1. Oh, to have the encouragement of a flower. I completely understand what you mean. My poppies are just starting to think about turning green. They are hardiest plant I have. Everything else is still a hard no. It will be late May before the lilacs will even consider making an appearance. Enjoy your spring!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes we are fortunate to have spring with flowers blooming! And even flowers that won’t be here for a while have shoots coming up through the ground. Right now I think forsythias are my favorite. And it’s almost time for grass cutting to begin! Ugh. Peace and enjoy the hiking/skiing.

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