Building New Foundations

It amazes me how we can walk through the fire looking back at how we used to be strong, or how we hold onto the one we love, and that love can push us forward beyond what we ever imagined……

we not only survive but we build new foundations, because the old framework was never meant to sustain us.

As you may know my wife has had cancer for many years, off and on. She will be on chemo for a very long time. You may not know that she recently had some small tumors show up where they are not supposed to be! So to be truthful it is easy to go down the bitterness road or the fear road, but we decided to go down the trust road. Meaning trusting in God.

You see our faith not only helps us, but becomes a type of a certain foundation. Never assume a person of faith is a nitwit or naΓ―ve. You have no idea what they have been through. And my wife and I want nothing to do extremist politics, which is totally off target. I’m speaking of a heart filled with love.

Back to those small tumors……they turned out to be benign! So we didn’t have to walk through the fire this time……and we thank God for that. A small yet important victory.

Writing and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed

24 thoughts on “Building New Foundations

  1. I am very moved at reading this text, Nico . You both have a faith able to raise mountains . The new foundations are built by your faith, your hope and your love
    Please tell hello to your wife from me.
    In friendship

    1. Thank you Sunnyside! These new tumors are not cancerous but she does still have cancer and needs chemo. Your encouragement is a blessing! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  2. “I’m speaking of a heart filled with love.” … And that’s one of the many things which make your readers love you. 😊

    So, so glad that these new tumors are benign, Nico. I can hardly imagine what you both have been going through. Sending lots of hugs to the two of you… I really hope that you’ll be OK and together for many more decades to come. 🐱🌞🌸


    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments and blessings! She still has cancer and it’s only the new ones that are benign. That’s why I was indicating a small victory but important. Thanks again. Peace and wonderful blessings.

      1. We can’t always live in fear. Any victory or triumph is worth celebrating! As the French alway says: Courage! She’s fighting it. It’s benign! One at a time!

  3. I so often wonder behind your words how you and your wife are coping with everything and I’m glad after this scare you can celebrate the small victory. Thank you for your powerful words and thoughts on “new foundations.” You remain in my thoughts and prayers and while I’m not a hugger, Harper sends lots of hugs to you and your wife!

    1. Aw that’s wonderful! Harper hugs are the best I’m sure! Thank you for your beautiful comments, encouragement, prayers, and blessings! And Harper hugs! Peace and wonderful blessings to you both. Have a great weekend.

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