Releasing Her Heart Song

Her mystery, her very own essence rolling through the waves, and the release of her heart song ascending through the ocean air,

but would he hear her calling, even in the neglect of his own spirit? still grasping for that mountaintop as if he could see into the history forming.

Would he hear her calling from the depths of her desperation?

Would he hear her voice?

Poetry and Image, Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Note: This is experimental.

13 thoughts on “Releasing Her Heart Song

  1. I like the image you formed in this verse. I also loved the way you left us with a question. Will he hear her voice. It’s almost like you will have a second poem to add to this one that gives the answer.

  2. Great experiment, Nico. For some reason, I immediately thought of a mermaid and a human. And the photo is simply beautiful and goes along so well with the words.

    1. That’s a very good way of looking at it! I was actually thing of Mother nature attempting to speak to humanity, yet we are deaf to her calling us. But a mystical romance certainly applies! Thank you Erika. Peace my friend and beautiful blessings.

      1. Yes, I noticed that my thoughts disgressed … lol. But The Little Mermaid was just jumping out of the water… haha. Thank you for this very inspiring poem, Nico!

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