Breaking Open the Sky

This gift she has, this way of looking forward with her wingspan extended, breaking open the sky so that healing can surge…..and yet there are times where we both need the mountains, some time for walking

and restoration, or talking or even just silently watching new rivers take shape. Fortunately fragments in her wings don’t take long to remove, but make no mistake, I’m not the eagle here.

As the wind in our wings lifts both of us, I guess it’s true about couples. We heal each other, and always have.

I know I wouldn’t have it any other way. Amen.

Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed

28 thoughts on “Breaking Open the Sky

  1. Stayed with this one awhile, rereading too. ❀ What a beautiful… running out of the ability to translate into words… Thank you: I know that part.

    1. This is another one Laura that I love, so thank you! I think the emotions run so deep here because of loving my wife, and the pain of all we have been through with her having cancer off and on for many years. Even now she is getting treatments. Peace and great blessings to you.

      1. Extra, extra prayers headed your way, on top of the requited peace and blessings wished for you both. ❀ Do you ever reveal her name? If so, I'm big on personalizing my prayers; if not, I will use the epithet. πŸ™‚

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