Spring Has a Way

Spring has a way of infusing us with greenery and sunlight, walking by streams

of hope once eternal, and in a way,

in an almost tangible way

we believe again

in the unseen.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

31 thoughts on “Spring Has a Way

  1. Wow, you nailed it totally, Nico. Spring has that way to make us believe in the powerful force of life and renewal. Because we feel that invisible force every year again too.

  2. This afternoon when I was too much tired in the garden I sat on a chair and was in contemplation ,surrounded by a lot of trees . I felt what you say in your poem, Nico
    In friendship

  3. You’ve said a lot in few words here. ❤ You've evoked depth of feeling using only letters (and a lens). I'm thankful I get to receive the blessings of your talents. They are personal gifts to a reader, personal from you and personal to apply to our own unshared stories, our hidden wounds, and they truly live on as a thing of such beauty in other souls. I hope you realize.

      1. It’s like I won the “Hang Out With the Poet For An Afternoon” raffle prize, lol. Don’t let me keep you. 🙂 What a wonderful day after such a long week. Just being in nature, then spending time among the rivers with you; writing will come next. I remember the first time I found your “place” here, “Ancient Skies.” It was the same kind of retreat; I never wanted to leave. Sooooo much beauty and peace here. Maybe it pays to be behind. 🙂

      2. I cannot thank you enough! You have brought so much encouragement to me today, it is amazing. You also helped to realize the impact that I can have. I am heading for my time of walking in a few minutes. Peace and beautiful blessings.

      3. Well, I am so glad for that, to be able to return such a thing. Your words and images and space and character and presence here have always, always touched me deeply. I’m not one to be social actually, but when my soul connects, it connects, and I believe very much in God’s hand in paths crossing. Peace and blessings, truly, to you too, Nico.

    1. Laura I am humbled and encouraged by your amazing comments! You put into words here what I hope for when I post. I can’t say that I realize it but I do hope for it. Thank you so much again. Peace and wonderful blessings.

      1. As God-loving, Creation-loving poets, writers, and photographers, you have always inspired me as a creative. But mostly, my soul just loves it here. ❤

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