Remember When

Remember when we were at the lake and the cherry blossoms were letting go of the trees? It was so beautiful it brought tears to your eyes.

And remember God speaking to your heart that day, to ‘keep going’, so you did? I’ll never forget it.

Light came and awakened you. Remember My Love?

Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed

67 thoughts on “Remember When

  1. I have never seen a cherry blossom tree but your post kinda hallucinated me to that beautiful pink tree with tender flowers covering a huge radius where it stand..😌

      1. Thank you Laura! This came from deep within. It was one of those moments with my wife that means alot to me. Peace and beautiful blessings.

      2. Thank you! As writers I think part of the process is being vulnerable enough to allow moments like this to speak to us, and then forming them into words. I do try for a spiritual element so your comments mean a lot. Peace my friend.

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