Amazed by Our Journey

No I’m no mystic, just a writer seeking more than mist, the tossing and shaping of words, by channels of the sea

I walk, and I am alone again….. seeking and perhaps that’s the danger of wordsmithing,

forever a quest, will we allow the heart to be open enough, risking?

Or do we cloud walk only long enough to use the heart?

I think of it more now, maybe as enjoying our gift

flowing, then becoming amazed

by our journey,

Poetry and Image Β© Copyright 2021, rivers renewed

66 thoughts on “Amazed by Our Journey

  1. Beautiful. Sometimes, we need to walk on our own trail before we find that something that stirs us and drives us. Very well written.

  2. Only the seeking heart will receive answers when even they may open more questions but life will be more colorful for sure!

  3. I connected strongly with this one, Nico.
    Two phrases in particular~ “a writer seeking more than mist” and “the danger of wordsmithing”
    Both capture an aspect of the writer’s path. πŸ’“

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