As if Sunlight Sparkles

Memories of our most sacred moments will often find their way,


into our hearts

within our void seeking,

as if sunlight sparkles

on the surface of the lake


through the deep.

I wonder

if we are more than water

searching, moving towards the shore,

a magnificent spirit,

washing the Earth.

It is the light,

that moves us beyond

the pain,

into the new hope shifting

taking shape

within us.

Poetry and Image Β© Copyright 2021 rivers renewed

31 thoughts on “As if Sunlight Sparkles

  1. An uplifting and nurturing poem, Nico.
    Love this comparison – “sacred moments = sunlight sparkles” πŸ’–πŸŒž
    I also love the beauty of sparkling water that looks like millions of floating diamonds. ✨

  2. Move beyond pain and new hope shifting’, That is deep when you think about the ever changing movement of the waters. For myself I picture/d the Energy the Life of Water as it was in myself; The Oceans Soul within myself.

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