A New Day

Even if yesterday was a horrible day, it’s a new day

filled with potential,


with possibilities.

Move forward with a humble heart, and in the strength

of confidence.

P.S. Thank you so much for yesterday everyone.

Poetry and Image Copyright Β© 2021 rivers renewed

25 thoughts on “A New Day

      1. I am thinking of making my website for commercials. Actually right now I am facing financial crisis. Sorry due to Pandemic things are not same like before. Can you suggest me with some ideas?? How to go ahead? You are all so experienced in this field of writing.

      2. When I look at your site I really like your narrative and the photos of food. I like how you provide the reader/viewer with some background for the dish. I noticed you provide a link to your post so that we the readers get two different posts for the same thing. I wouldn’t do that – just the original post is fine.

        I have been blogging for a long time and know a lot of us are writers, photographers, even artists but only a very small number are professional bloggers. I am not one of them. I make no money at all from blogging. It is a hobby only.

        One way professional bloggers do well is by being very active on social media too. And somehow it can all be tied in together. This takes a lot of time though. I mean a huge amount of time! I hope these tips help. I’m sorry that I don’t think there is any real money in blogging. Peace to you.

      3. Alright those tips are very useful. I will follow that. Even writing was my passion but want to link it with some money now. Thank you so much

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