Earth Renewal

When the earth is renewed, our spirits are lifted

and the core of our being, the beginning

and the ending of who we are

learns to believe again.

In my poetry and in most of the fiction I write, I focus on new life, an awakening of who we are. And often nature brings healing. I have to admit that when I first started The Survivors series, I didn’t think it would fit into the concept of “renewal” but it does.

The Earth is renewing itself. Nature is providing the stories and the characters with a sense of balance. And the characters are learning to live again. Wounds are beginning to heal.

However, I cannot write fiction here the way I genuinely need to and would like to. Many bloggers have extensive ties to social media and have a limited amount of time for reading a piece of fiction.

With fiction, readership tends to go down, sometimes way down and it always has. Readers look for a beautiful poem, or an inspirational quote they can carry through their day. I get that completely.

I limit the details in each fiction segment to make it short. For instance, when Brie and Grey are sitting by the creek, Grey tosses in some pebbles. He remembers his father teaching him how to skim rocks on the water. In another segment Brie could share she was certified as a Lodge Maker. There’s a deep spiritual significance to that. You haven’t seen these things though, I had to leave them out.

I love writing fiction, but here it is very condensed. This series really needs to be a book. I will end these stories after one more this weekend. The Survivors will be a book!

Wishing you peace.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed


38 thoughts on “Earth Renewal

  1. Nico, I’m not surprised to hear you condensed the storyline. As I read it, I felt there were missing parts (not that, that stopped me from reading it). However, I’d like to know more about the characters, what brought them to the point you started the series.

    1. Thank you Elle! Yes, that is a good point and I intentionally started it all with his injuries and she found him. I really wanted the stories to be about them, out in nature. In the book I will have them look back in time before they arrived to the wilderness to give it more context. Your suggestion is excellent and I will incorporate it in the future. Thanks again! Peace and wonderful blessings my friend.

  2. I like the energy of this poem and the concept of renewal.
    I agree with what you said about readers these days, I struggle with the social media part of blogging too.
    I would just say be yourself and do your thing even if you have 1 person to read it.
    And a book is always a good idea 🙂

  3. Earth renewal, wounds healing, spirits lifted, believe again – your post feels like a positive uplifting affirmation!! I enjoyed reading fiction from you because I too think it carries the same energy as your poetry writing. Otherwise I am not much of a fiction reader – just because there aren’t enough hours in the day – I would definitely read your book having said that. I need to have connection with the author before I read one I think 🙂

    1. Your comments Pragalbha are an incredible blessing! Thank you so much! These comments are the type that can really help a writer know they are on the right track. And I like the idea you want to know the writer before you read their book. Peace and wonderful blessings to you and your family. Thanks again.

  4. A beautiful poem, Nico, and interesting glimpse into your thoughts about writing fiction on blogs. I think fiction is certainly possible, but in small chunks meant to introduce characters or an interesting element of the world, or event in the story. I agree that long pieces should be far between as readers often don’t have the time for them. Congrats on the story becoming a book! I’m all for that. 🙂

    1. Thank you D. for your kind words! And I really appreciate your feedback. Yep, small chunks of fiction can work in some circumstances but I’ve learned that a series can be tough. Peace, blessings and thanks again!

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