Blue Skies and Storms

From time to time some of my international readers will simply be aghast at how dysfunctional and seemingly insane our politics are here in the U.S. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I have a few things that may help with understanding us Americans.

First it not simply a matter of two sides fighting, both equally valid. NOT AT ALL. When the extreme right seems so different than the way people used to be, it’s because there is a real cultural difference now. It is real and scary!

I’m not sure how long news shows from the conservative news machine have been creating a different spin, but they do and they create a cultural bubble. Please understand that misinformation and disinformation are not only normal for them, but it’s what their viewers want to hear. This improves the ratings and makes the company money!

This bubble actually creates walls between us. Many conspiracies are floated into the airwaves all to make people afraid, and angry. And the bubble walls become increasing thick and isolating. Did you know that lies are told for political reasons? M.T. Green admitted it to a Parkland mother, years after the infamous shooting of children at the school, and M.T. Green’s bizarre comments about it back then.

Yet that’s another story. Do progressive people have a bubble? Not really, but if they do it’s more like a dome, much larger and more inclusive than a small bubble. There are a lot more women involved and more people of color, black, brown, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, immigrants and many others. And the dome is growing more all the time, instead of reinforcing fears and non-acceptance. The doors are open instead of closed.

Another way of thinking about it, is that the U.S. is like a large beautiful blue sky. Sometimes there are thunderstorms. They make a lot of noise, seem angry and can be dangerous sometimes (like the Capitol riot). Yet the blue sky always returns…. always pushing away….the storms.


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38 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Storms

  1. And don’t forget the beautiful rainbows that often dot that big blue sky. I think many people forget that the United States is a very large country with a great many people from all over the world. There are different cultures, different languages, different ideologies and for the most part they do get along. But the media always wants to report the fractures and they do it with such glee. Remember, the US is also usually the first to lend a hand when another country needs it. People should not forget that.

    1. Yes, awesome! I love your comments here, thank you so much Pam! We are diverse. We differ slightly about the media. I see it as a right wing media issue creating the cultural bubble. This is where people become anti-diversity, anti-vaccine, anti- mask etc. And the lie that the ex president won the election can be found there. There is a deeply ingrained anger and hostility found within this bubble and in their media which is bad for our nation and dangerous for our individual health and safety. Moderate and progressive news agencies do not do this. Peace and wonderful blessings my friend.

  2. Thoughtful commentary, Nico. I stopped watching the news last year. I do my homework before I cast my votes, but I can’t handle the negative news cycle.

  3. Beautifully explained! It’s a lovely comparison. These extreme rightists seem to be a universal problem 😅 They are so shallow and limiting, apparently even in your country, a global superpower! Loved the optimistic concluding note.

  4. “First it not simply a matter of two sides fighting, both equally valid. NOT AT ALL.” Some of the truest words ever spoken when it comes to US politics… thank you for sharing!

  5. I only lived in the US for about 13 months. But I loved it. I experienced both those people who can be influenced easily by dumb messages and those compassionate others with a high virtue in their hearts. We were strangers and you could hear it from our accents clearly. But that was the reason, we cared even more once they noticed we were “new”. We did feel at home instantly.

      1. By today, it was the best and happiest time period in my life. I am so thankful that I had it. Blessings to you too, Nico!

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