Emma and the Deep Red

As Emma stared at the horizon, her long dark hair flew behind her in the wind. This particular wind was playful tonight, even adventurous. She smiled. She had known a seducing wind before.

The deep red of the sunset made her think of him. His blood running strong in his veins. How in healing the wolf she was made whole. There would be no more hiding for her.

She allowed the richness, the power of the sunset to penetrate her very being, finally bursting deep with her soul. She was made new once more. Yet she staggered and nearly fell.

Extending her wings fully and even beyond, she took one step into the air and the red filled her…. lifted her so completely she flew, mastering the gusts of air. She reached for the wildness of it.

Captured the essence of it.

She would run with the wolves to be with the one she loved, but she would always own this wind…..she was certain of it now.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

21 thoughts on “Emma and the Deep Red

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