Autumn Photography

Many of you know about my other hobby, which is photography. I have a new camara! I’m still learning my new digital Canon, but I’m so looking forward to this autumn and trying it out!

This is my favorite time of year, and hopefully we will all be able to be safely outdoors as more people get vaccinated. Wahoo!

In the meantime, I have thousands of photos here on my site, so if you see fall colors they are temporarily from previous years.

I’m currently making room on my site for new material. My goal is to share more photography here and have fewer words. I’m not really a six-word story type of person, but future posts may be similar.

Please do not use or copy my photos without permission.

Thank you so much for reading!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2021, rivers renewed


48 thoughts on “Autumn Photography

  1. Your photos are glorious! Can’t wait for your newer posts. This is my favourite time of the year too. It’s a lovely monsoon here. When I visited Europe at about this time of year few years back, I realised just how exquisite this season is- passionate reds, lovely yellows and bright oranges.
    I hope you can go out soon 😊

    1. Thank you Sam! Yes the colors here can be quite amazing! We are not quite there yet due to our outdoor temperatures. When it gets colder there are more colors. Many of my photos even like this one are from previous years but making room will allow for fresher photos. Most of my posts are new though. Thanks again! Peace and beautiful blessings.

  2. I also love photos. I always have my cellphone, which has a pretty good camera. I have hundreds of pictures of leaves! I’ve wondered about having a 2nd blog just for photos. I will be interested in how you present them – a second option to choose in your same blog? Good luck / best wishes.

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  3. Gorgeous photo, Nico, and Congrats on your new camera! Have fun! Fall is my favorite season, but the last few years here in CA have been fire season from July through October, and we’re also in a severe drought. So we’re praying for rain, not floods, just a good rain. 🙂 Anyway, I look forward to your photos, old and new.

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