A Heart Filled with Peace

A heart filled with peace in the midst of the battle,

will offer more hope

than eloquent words

never spoken.

Be the light you want to see in the world.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed


39 thoughts on “A Heart Filled with Peace

    1. That is up to the reader to decide Michel. We all face battles. How is your health doing? However for me and my battles you can read all about it in my previous post called “Blog and Life Update”. It will be very clear to you. Thank you and peace my friend.

  1. Wow, succinct yet powerful! This one is literally the face of “short and sweet”. You said it so well. I like how this post actually matches with the message of it.

  2. While I comment most of your posts , Nico . I miessed this one ! I am sorry.? I found it.
    I knew your wife was battling against cancer with hope . I did know about your chronic pain and your car accidents
    I left a comment.
    Be sure you have my encouragement for you both .
    In friendship

  3. Battle?Lol, I can relate to when I fought the battle of board exams in tenth,and all my parents told me to do was to keep a peaceful mind and heart!Safe to say,it worked :D. Nicely written!

  4. Amen, amen, and amen. Prayers for you, your wife, and family. Stay positive, peaceful, hopeful, and continue being a blessing to us all! God has this! 🤍

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