In the New Day of the Forest

Somehow it was the light through the leaves that caught my attention, I paused…..realizing I could hope again,

I closed my eyes and at first a prayer took shape, and then my wordflow began to be born again.

A poem spun, dancing in the sunlight as I stood amazed,

in the new day of the forest….

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

43 thoughts on “In the New Day of the Forest

  1. The light of God’s love shines through.. Such lovely thoughts and photo. I to have been observing the flicker of light through our front window as it dances it’s way into my day.. Praise God!

      1. Oh no sir, I am still stuck. This poem reminded me of that feeling and inspires me to try. Peace and wonderful blessings to you too, take care🥰

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