Blog Posting and Reposting

When I first starting blogging there was a blogger that posted the same post, multiple times every day. I mean the same post, about 20 times in one day! I timed it once and it was about once every 25 minutes. Wow! Or I should say, ugh!

Not only was it aggravating but it literally clogged up my reader or hindered me from seeing other posts from other bloggers. He’s no longer around but I’m still here.

There was also a young blogger that chose one day to post 30 different works! What?? Each was different but the same thing happened with my reader getting flooded and clogged. It seems this blogger actually wanted readers to stop following her. Yes, I know…..strange indeed.

I could tell you some stories! Any who…..

So what is a good number for posting? I post once a day, usually in the morning, and on rare occasions (very rare) one in the late afternoon. I’m not able to post every day though. Many of us follow this pattern however some choose less often, maybe 1-2 times in a week.

It depends on you. Remember though to be considerate of your readers! I know several bloggers that post 2-3 times in a day, and it works beautifully.

If you post 6-8 times in a day, then your work has to be exceptional for me to follow you. I know someone that does this, and their work is exceptional!

I don’t like reposting, but I use this sparingly for several reasons:

  • I don’t have anything new for that day, and yet I want to keep my site active.
  • With social media trends I’m giving my readers a second chance if they didn’t see it the first time around.
  • I’m not on social media in order to share it there.
  • And I also care about my work and want it to do well.

Remember to use this sparingly. Your readers will appreciate it!

Have a great time blogging and thank you for reading!


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40 thoughts on “Blog Posting and Reposting

    1. Thank you so much! I know you have been following a while so thank you for being here. Yes 3 times a day works wonderfully for most bloggers, depending on the length of each post. It sounds like you have an excellent plan/schedule. And yes, I have used the block feature a few times, but back when I was new, I didn’t know about this feature yet. I had a lot to learn! Thanks again, peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  1. 🙂 I have tackled this topic on my blog in the past.

    Posting once a day is safe because it does not clog up a person’s WordPress Reader.

    There are people who will unfollow a blogger if they publish blog posts more than once daily.

    And, there are bloggers (like myself) who do not mind seeing numerous posts from a single blogger on their WordPress Reader (It can be done tastefully if they space them out; for example publishing one blog post every six hours, but that only pertains to new blog posts and not reposts).

    Believe it or not, there are people who do not use the WordPress Reaser; therefore that sort of thing will not matter much for those people.

    My rule of thumb is quality over quantity.

    1. Excellent points Renard! Thank you and welcome to my blog. I do like the idea too of once a day, if a blogger can do so. And I like your idea too about quality over quantity. Yes I’ve heard about people not using the reader. I find it useful though. Thanks again for your wonderful comments. Peace and blessings to you.

  2. This is great advice. I took on the challenge to post something new every day for a year. It’s more difficult than I expected. I missed a couple of days due to having COVID. I don’t know if I will do it next year. I like your advice about not reposting the same blog numerous times in the same day.

    1. Thank you Molly! That challenge does sound challenging! I can’t do every day now. I used to though. This past Sunday I took the day off and it worked great! One day off out of seven sounds like God had an amazing idea! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  3. Some lovely advice, and considerations, dear Nico. As we’ve discussed, I post about 4 or 5 times a week, and that works for now; yet, I think there will be a day soon, where it will be 3 or 4 times. Peace and blessings to you, my friend..

  4. I think, everybody has to find their own posting schedules. It depends on the purpose of their blog and of course, their time management. What I think is important that you are posting frequently in order that followers get a little used to your rountines and know what to expect.
    As you said, if there are a lot of posts a day, they need to be exceptional AND they need to be short.
    I posted a lot more a few years ago. I posted a song a day, and also a review every Friday… along with spontaneous thoughts. Now, I don’t have the time anymore but I also realize how challenging it can become for the followers if someone is flooding the reader.
    One post all 25 minutes? I think that guy did not understand what blogging means.

    1. Thank you Erika! Yes a lot of us used to post more often I think. A lack of time is a big issue. I love your comments here, including keeping the posts short! I intentionally keep my poems short and also my fiction. Fiction always gets fewer readers. And yes a steady schedule is important. Yep, the every 25 minutes blogger probably did not understand blogging at all. A little consideration goes a long way. Peace and blessings my friend. Thanks again.

      1. I think the longer we are in the blogosphere the more we notice what we don’t like on other blogger’s blogging style… and that is when we need to look a bit closer to the own style… hehe.
        Your are so welcome, Nico. Thank you for this inspiration.

  5. I started with 2 to 3 times a week 6 years ago and now settled with once a week. That gives me satisfactory time to engage with comments on my posts and I like to stay on top of reading from my favorite bloggers. While I would enjoy any flavor of ‘success’ as a writer/blogger destined for me, I seem to be content with how all of it comes to me with ease and joy.

    1. That’s beautiful! Thank you so much Pragalbha. That sounds like a wonderful plan and I love the way you are balancing your needs and your internal life. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  6. Hello! Thanks for sharing! I agree with what you have said and find it strange that a person would do something like that just to get people to unfollow. Perhaps being a blogger also means finding acceptable ways to communicate with the blogging community. Posting = ‘speaking’ and Reading = ‘listening’…if these were face to face conversations then its only reasonable to ‘speak’ or ‘listen’ well in our blogospere. This may take time to cultivate. Have a great day ahead!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I agree completely. Hopefully we can learn to communicate better. Listening is so important in any relationship including blogging. Peace and wonderful blessings. Have a great week!

  7. Interesting blogging thoughts, Nico. One to two posts per week is a good pace for me. Whatever works for the individual writer, I say, but, as a reader I cannot and choose not to keep up with multiple posts per day (from one blogger). For the reasons you addressed and for the time involved.

  8. You’ve covered some wonderful and valid points!
    At the moment, I usually post once a month – this pace allows me to continue having wonderful interactions with other bloggers, many who have become good friends.
    As always, thank you for sharing, and wishing you and your wife a blessed weekend ahead.

  9. Great advice, Nico. I usually post once a week, sometimes twice, but it depends on the time I have or having something new to share. I do the best I can to keep up with reading blogs, but I can’t always read all if someone posts more often. It’s difficult because I don’t think anyone wants to miss reading any posts. But life works that way, so we do what we can. I believe it’s up to each blogger to find a balance and a schedule that fits within their daily routines. I appreciate your support to my blog as much as I’ve enjoyed reading your writing. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Lauren so much! Yes I enjoy your posts a lot! And I understand each person finding a balance. You seem to have the right pattern for you. Yes, you’re right we can only do so much. Peace and wonderful blessings to you my friend.

  10. What a coincidence. I usually post once a day. But been busy last couple of days due to my office work, deadlines and personal artwork orders. So I didn’t get time to open wordpress and post or like or comment. And finally I got time to post, visit blogs, like and comment on them. Because yayyy it’s weekend’s. Happy Weekend! I was a bit upset that I couldn’t maintain the consistent posting. And then your post came up first on my reader. Here on WordPress I really love the blogs and posts. As far as people I follow they all are consistent in a right way and all awesome quality content. Including yours too. I am new to WordPress and been hardly a month or two. But never knew such bloggers exists too. I will get to know and learn more and more with time.

    1. That’s wonderful! Well welcome to wordpress. You will learn and yes I agree, wordpress is a great place to be. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments and compliments! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  11. I try to keep it to at most 3 posts per day, because I can’t post or don’t have the inspiration to write every day. But more than 3 posts is too much. Just IMO, now, to each their own.

  12. It sounds like we have about the same thoughts on things. I won’t follow anyone that posts more than three times a day. It’s just as you say, it becomes a reader full of one or two people’s work and I only follow people I actually like their stuff and actually read. Sometimes I like a writer but it’s just too much posting and I have to unfollow to give others a chance to be read. I love it when people post 3-4 times a week but don’t mind once a day or once a month either, as we are all different. I used to post 2 times a day every day for about two years. Then I backed off to once a day and then to 3-4 times a week and now to when I have time or the desire. It doesn’t seem to make a difference to my real followers, the ones who legitimately read my posts.

    1. Yes, I understand completely! For a while I did 2 posts in one day, which included fiction! I don’t know how, other than writing like crazy. For me to cut back was a necessity. And the one I follow that does about 6 a day – I absolutely love. No more following someone like that though. A short post once a day is perfect and I can see a variety of bloggers. A number that I follow are 1-2 times in a week. And I keep my poems and especially my fiction real short because I know people are pressed for time. With anyone posting a long piece of fiction I simply can’t read and skip it or even unfollow. Yes, I agree we each have to go with a sense of balance to meet our own needs. Sounds like your plan really works for you. Thanks for your comments, peace and wonderful blessings!

  13. Hello from me from Brisbane Australia.. In my case I do not post daily. I need to have a topic and then that takes time, as I also do reference and also my own picture quotes. I started as My Journey towards Good Health and wellness, still it is but now it is on a more serious note. May be there has been a few post in the same month, but that is very rare. Yea this is according to some people’s personality, also they have “Time”. I also have time But, I have to do lot of other things too, like “House work, going out to do the food shopping, cook, gardening and various other things that has to do with life.
    If they are short posts or poems like then of course it can be often. But as I said even a poem it has to come, and not write a few lines just for the sake of writing or just a picture quote. I write in length and as I said doing references also takes time. I do posts as giving out knowledge and also to relax and enjoy too. I do wonder when some write at length and often. I guess they are real dedicated writers. Thank you for what you have written Nico. Hope you are well and sending Many Blessings your way as usual 🙂

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