Snow Dreams

As we drift into our snow dreams, God speaks in the whisper of the winter wind,

in the white mist of night covering

the waiting tree branches


with a certain peace descending,

our hearts awaken

in the morning,


by the silence,

of beauty.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Note: It didn’t snow last night but I sure wish it had.

33 thoughts on “Snow Dreams

  1. That is a very beautiful picture and a very beautiful poem, too! I really like snow, and over here it is snowing as well… In this very second! 😻

    I hope you’ll (both) be able to enjoy Winter, Nico: but stay warm and safe always! 🌸


    1. Thank you Valentin! Snow is so beautiful. And so peaceful. It didn’t snow here last night but I wish it had. I was dreaming. Peace and wonderful blessings to you and your crew there!

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