The Seeker

Prayer smoke ascended into the grey sky. He hadn’t expected the rain and it was difficult to keep the fire. Yet his plan worked of bundling dried leaves and twigs in plastic before he left.

As the sun set, the rain fell harder then suddenly stopped. Night songs began, including tree frogs and an owl. Was it worth it to come out here?

He had no choice really but to reinvent himself. So many fragmented pieces. He gathered up what he could and sought the wilderness.

Was it wrong to not care about his culture? Breaking off a piece of dried spinach, he realized it probably was. He refused to stand in line anymore though, walking into the abyss.

It was the dawn that brought deliverance. He peeled back his wet sleeping bag like layers of skin, knowing he would have a different name today.

The sun would bring a new life…..and the healing would begin.

As he stood on top of the mountain.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Note: This is about a First Nations man seeking a vision as part of his culture, and seeking healing for himself.


45 thoughts on “The Seeker

    1. Your questions are perfectly valid. First I am a person of faith but this is not Christian blog. It’s a creative writing blog. I often write about nature healing us because it does. And people need healing. Some Christians are more overt with their faith and have Scriptures and little sermons.

      Anyway I love being out in the woods, and we have some mountains close to us. Many of my poems are meditative. I also add a little Native American/First Nations flavor to some of my work. The prayer smoke and a new name would be from these types of traditions. Basically in a nutshell he wants/needs a new beginning. I’m leaving the rest up to the reader to interpret. As in art there can be different interpretations of the piece according to who is looking at it. Blessings!

  1. You know, I love this kind of story you write. There is so much deep inner wisdom and faith in this man. Still, he needs courage but he knows steadfastly where his path leads. I love this!

      1. I am happy to hear that it makes you feel good to read my comment about something that made me feel good in the first place. Mutual valuable inspiration. Thank you, Nico.

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