Singing to the Corn

In the days when wolves were still the Elders, and when there were not many horses yet living on the Plains, the People moved west, to grow their food and for sunlight sparkling in rivers that sang.

And Buffalo Bird Woman would sing to the corn, touching tenderly each stalk. Her gentle ways, her heart for the Earth produced an abundance of food, making the People very happy.

The Earth loved Buffalo Bird Woman, and some say she is the first human….. to ever grow pumpkins.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Note: Buffalo Bird Woman was a real person, and she really did sing to the corn, however the rest is fiction.


27 thoughts on “Singing to the Corn

    1. Thank you Michel! She was a Native American/First Nations person. They often have names from nature, like Redwing, Standing on the Mountain, Holds the Fire etc. Peace and wonderful blessings my friend.

  1. Buffalo bird woman- never heard of the name before. An interesting fact to note. The first woman to grow pumpkins! Fascinating post. And such a heartwarming picture 😻

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