Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth,

goodwill to towards all people,

all people.

Wishing you peace today.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed


35 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

    1. Merry Christmas Frank! Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. And I love your posts! You encourage so many with your work and writing. Peace my friend and beautiful holiday blessings.

  1. We all are fighting tooth and nail for peace on earth . And your wishes would be fulfilled soon . Because if mankind has to survive for long , for the next millennium , peace on earth is prerequisite . No alternative . No other synonymous words for peace . However , tranquility is there . But that had different meaning and sense . So , only peace will do . This Christmas we all must pray to God for alround peace , anyhow , on the earth . Thanks ! Merry Christmas !

    1. Holiday blessings Michele! Thank you so much! And I thank you for your continuing beautiful posts and positivity. You are a bright light here on WordPress. Peace and beautiful blessings to you and your family.

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