Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This weekend we celebrate the birth of one of our greatest Americans, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Have you ever heard one of his speeches? They are amazing!

But how do I write about him today, in these very difficult times, when our scars as a nation threaten our very existence?

Well, I think that we need more people like him. We need women and men that are people of peace, that can speak truth to our circumstances, and show us the way.

Yes we need unity and peace, but not at the expense of truth and justice. Think about this one thing for a moment. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, shot to death.

When I think of this horrible senseless act, it helps me to understand some of the emotions African Americans feel today. There’s George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others that have died unjustly.

There is a lot of pain my friends, more than most of us realize. I don’t think we can handle this much pain.

We need more people like Dr. King…..people of peace, who can speak to our circumstances, and who can show us the way.

May God heal our land…… and heal our people.

Writing Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed, image from PBS

31 thoughts on “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. Thank you Frank! Yes, there is a lot of prejudice today. And it makes an ugly side to our country, unfortunately. We can work to change things for the better. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings.

  1. I agree, Nico. We need more people to stand up for everyone’s rights to finally create an equal society that values everyone’s specialness and doesn’t condemn it.

  2. There is a lot of pain, yes there is a lot of pain. So much healing and raw feeling is unraveling. It is too much. We do need more people who keep the power to hold space with peace.

  3. A heartfelt tribute, Nico. I love your line, “Yes we need unity and peace, but not at the expense of truth and justice.” The pain experienced by oppressed people may be hard to bear, but bear it we must if we desire true understanding and a chance to move forward in a meaningful way. Thank you for honoring MLK Jr. today. ❤ Peace.

    1. Yes, you’re right D. we do need to address the pain of the past in order to move forward. Thank you so much! I’m hoping we can do more in this area in spite of divided politics. Peace to you and wonderful blessings.

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