Blogging Update: February

Well if you’ve been following my work for a while you probably have seen some subtle changes. I seem more focused on what I’m seeing or feeling inside. Whatever I’m doing on a personal level, it’s working. I’m more at peace.

Some of my readers probably thought I had closed the shop, packed my bags and headed for the airport! Well, not so.

I’ve made a decision. This site is too old! It’s clunky, overloaded, and cumbersome. I love this blog though and will keep it here. However in a few months I’ll create a new one. Lighter, with a different type of writing. And I will post a lot less. I’m developing it. In the meantime I’ll still be here.

I am different. I’m different than I was, and I see the world and writing in a different way, than just a few years ago. I am no longer a fundamentalist and don’t want to be one ever again.

I write differently and what I read lately has been very exciting to me. I’m reading Deborah Harkness’ books, called a Discovery of Witches. She’s an amazing writer and her books are nothing like Harry Potter. They are not gross, and they seem to me like a more refined, sophisticated version of the Marvel movies.

I’m also reading some Anne Rice books, but her later work. I’m avoiding the early works because of them being way too gross and/or spicy. Yikes! I mention her because she is one of the best writers I have ever seen. Later in life she was a person of faith.

So I only read women authors now, because of their “voice”, their writer’s voice. And I noticed that when I write fiction the main characters are women. Remember Emma the Time Traveler series? And then there was Ally the Trans Woman.

See what I mean? I’m different now. Still a work in progress.

Thank you so much for reading!

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39 thoughts on “Blogging Update: February

  1. Best wishes on your site changes and continued success and joy with writing. 🌻

    Deborah Harkness’ books, A Discovery of Witches – great book! One of three long books. Enjoy the reading journey!

    1. Thank you Michele! As you know I love writing. And yes on the books! Wonderful to read. They have a series on video as well now. I like the books much better though. Peace and beautiful blessings.

      1. My pleasure, Nico. Yes, and your inspiring words are gifts. ✨ I read the first book while in a book club a few years ago and didn’t realize there were two more. Those three long books kept me busy for a while. 😆 Very engaging! I agree – I like the books better too. That’s usually how it goes. 🤔 Thank you and same to you. 🌞

  2. Yes, on Discovery of Witches! I do love the journey of fiction and find in stories ideas that never rest rest on the branches of my life just from a book of philosophy or theology.

  3. I totally hear you, Nico. I could not imagine being the same kind of person all life long. It is amazing to witness the change in oneself and to go along with it. It is the only right way. I loved your work, no matter how you wrote it, because it has always been you at that moment.

    1. Thank you Deryn! Wow, you are so right about letting go of fundamentalism. I can’t believe I was ever that way. In one sense my heart was in the right place. I wanted to be the Christian that God wanted me to be. Unfortunately I was over zealous and filled with the wrong kind of pride. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  4. Amen, you dont know until you do know! One wanted to please God, but we did not really know how, when all you were taught as a child was one way of viewing being a Christian

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