Blogging Update: April 2022

Writing of peace and renewal, especially in nature, has been such a wonderful blessing to me. I try to share snapshots of time, and feelings as I think of nature and peace. I love writing so thank you so much for reading!

Right now in life I’m happy. That also helps me when I’m writing. Yes, we have struggles, some big and some little, but we not only get by, we can do well internally through the storms. That’s not always easy!

I now post 3 new posts each week, and sometimes a previous post, especially if the blog is slow for that day. I had an English professor once that said 90% of life is just showing up. That’s sort of true, especially in blogging. The more I’m here, the better the blog does.

My post entitled, “I’d Rather Have a Cup of Coffee” was different wasn’t it? That’s more of how I write now. I’m actually a fiction writer dressed up as a poet. And yes I was expecting some readers to not like it. Oh well! I’m too old to worry about that now.

I say/write what I feel strongly about.

I still see no need to retire, do you know why? I have found that I still have something to say. I find that amazing and beautiful!

Thank you again for being here. Have a wonderful spring!


Writing and Image Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed


52 thoughts on “Blogging Update: April 2022

  1. Thank you! Yes, we get to an age where we have come to peace within ourselves and the world as it is. I liked you Cup of Coffee blog, as I too feel that marginalized people need a voice. Sometimes we just have to be the ones who say it for them. Thank you for doing that too.

  2. It makes me know you write and you are happy about that and when someone reads we still be happy, that’s so true about we writers.
    Yes it’s so true that our presence in the blog is so true.
    Actually I was off for two years due to various reasons and most of my ardent readers are gone, I am now trying get them back.
    Wishing you the Pleasure of Writing

  3. I agree with your English professor!!! and loved the Cup of Coffee post. I am a poet masquerading as a fiction writer with a mystery coming out next week. That’s different.

  4. I feel so much light and joy coming from your lines in this post. Thank you for not retiring yet because I love what you have to say, Nico. Have a blessed day!

  5. I understand, Nico! With the layers in my life, I strive to post weekly. But it’s important to me to stay connected~just like with your blog when I can. It’s these connections that have provided such a space of peace! I enjoy your writing! Keep up the beautiful work! Peace and blessings!

  6. So inspiring post 🌷🙏♥️ So beautifully written the truth and so happy to read the lines 🌷😍🙏
    You are a great Author and poet and adding beautiful photos so marvellous 👍🏻😊👏Sometimes
    People so many posts coming time they will some avoid also for them ok 👍🏻 we don’t bother and
    Our happy is more important , who want to read it is up to them 🙏♥️ your posts worth to me 👏
    Lots of Best Wishes for you and happy Wednesday 🌷🙏♥️🌷

      1. Thank you so much for this beautiful reply message 🌷🙏♥️🌷
        This our precious life and happiness is more important 👍🏻😊
        We will walk straight forward !! God Bless dear friend 👏👍🏻♥️

  7. Thank YOU for being here, Nico. I’m glad to know you’re in a happy place, even with the struggles. It’s so hard sometimes, but trying to find that happy place is the best thing we can do for our well-being. This is how I try to live, though I do have dips in the spirit now and then. Take good care, my friend.

  8. Your post do feel filled with happines and I am happy to keep reading from you. Showing up indeed is one requirement for blogging – and it is as much joy to come back from my unintended break 🙂

    1. I want to thank you for your investment of time and for all of your great encouragement through your comments! You have truly been a source of encouragement. Thank you for going back and reading my previous work! I cannot thank you enough. Welcome back! And thank you for being such an important part of our wordpress community. Peace and wonderful blessings to you Pragalbha.

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