The Peace of Spring

When the peace of spring flows through me

I usually wait, and listen

in the quiet place,

in that part of me where I’m open

carrying a sense

of wonder

and awe.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed

33 thoughts on “The Peace of Spring

  1. Very beautiful , true lines this poem and very happy to read 🌷🙏♥️so lovely flower 🌸 photo 😍
    spring season started and most peaceful moments it can bring in life as well 🖖😊grace wishes 👏

  2. That peace of spring… I just thought how different it is from the peace of fall. The peace of Spring opens your heart to something new in joy and newly found energy. The peace of fall kind of calms, soothes, and grounds. I may have digressed here but your words inspired me and triggered these toughts. Thank you for that, Nico.

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