Within the Heart

The simple yet sacred truth living

within the heart of a tulip

is that love still lingers,

and flows within our beings

carrying us

far beyond the darkest ruins

of our world,

of our lives

until we are refreshed,

it has always been this way.

Poetry and Image Β© copyright rivers renewed 2018, 2022


31 thoughts on “Within the Heart

  1. Life is like that happiness and sad mixed feelings and we want to face with courage!!
    The true love flows within our beings and that affection never leave hope and prayers
    For all the refreshments we can do !! So touching poem and grace wishes dear friend πŸŒ·πŸ™β™₯️

  2. I love the comparison with the tulip. Love is simply there and working in its own way and pace, constantly healing whether we are patient enough or not. But the more aware we are of the omnipresent love the more we open up to it and support it in reaching each cell. Wonderful, Nico.

    1. What beautiful comments! Thank you Erika. And sometimes we need to allow love to work, to not block its beautiful work in us. Peace my friend and thank you again. Wonderful blessings too.

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