Gun Violence

I’m an American and I am very angry.

You couldn’t pay me a million dollars or any amount of money to be a Republican right now. I have had it up to here with their nonsense. No Republican lawmakers are not pulling the trigger killing people, but their policies are. Or in this case their lack of policies are.

And don’t go down the road of most conservatives saying, “we need to let the families heal…”. Of course we do, but that doesn’t mean do nothing. That is just Republican code talk for “be quiet so we can keep our guns!”.

They’ve been saying the same thing for more than 20 years. I’ve been counting. And they say this after every shooting!

And what could bring better healing than making changes…. taking action against guns??

No American citizen needs an assault rifle. NO ONE needs one. Once again that is a Republican interpretation and it’s wrong.

Assault rifles should be reserved for our military and police departments. And they are not in the Constitution. This is just one of many things we could do to make us all safer.

I’m sick too of conspiracies like carnivorous worms eating our brains, with conservatives being against vaccines, being against wearing masks, against books about racism (and helping us heal). All of these are Republican issues. If you don’t like conspiracies ruining our nation then vote them out.

Don’t like Kamala Harris? Ok, find someone else. We need some John McCains. Actually we need female versions of John McCain, and no it’s not Sinema! Look up the name Val Demings.

I’ll bet I could name 100 women that could do a better job of being president than king for a day #45. Want to see gun violence dramatically reduced or eliminated?

Vote out Republicans!

I’m an American. And I am very angry.

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45 thoughts on “Gun Violence

      1. I appreciate that!! Say what you want and say what you feel.
        I couldn’t agree more with every word you said. Well put 👍

    1. Thank you Pragalbha. Yes, insanely sad is a good way to describe this. We must as writers and as people say no to this type of evil. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  1. It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.
    Richard Evans

    Stand in your light and your love Nico. There is a bigger picture playing out here that we cannot see yet. 🙏🏻 sending love and peace to all those who are suffering.

    1. Thank you Frank! This has bothered me for a long while but the 2 most recent shootings are just too much…I absolutely had to say it. Peace and wonderful blessings.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you. It disgusts me that we keep “praying” and “hoping” as a nation, yet do absolutely NOTHING about gun laws and control in this country. I refuse to become desensitized to this, and am hoping that our government FINALLY does something about this. Policy and change > hopes and prayers. 😢

    1. Yes Cate I think we all feel the same! Please remember that many Republicans in Congress don’t want any type of restrictions on guns. Democrats do. Even though they are not perfect Democrats would love to make changes but cannot due to being blocked by Republican Senators. Please continue praying for change and for the families. Peace and blessings.

      1. I totally agree! I hope many Republican Senators can join the side that changes history this time. It’s time for an improvement already! ❤️

    1. Thank you Chandra! Hopefully something will be done soon. Sorry I missed your comment earlier. I’m getting older and my eyes are not that good anymore. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  3. Thank you for your comments! I’m afraid I have to disagree. Government is not the problem but who controls it is very much the problem, along with bad policies that allow these horrible weapons. I have lived here my whole life so I do know the politics. Republicans have always wanted all kinds of weapons easily available. Democrats and many independents want to change the laws so fewer people will die! That’s what this post is saying. Peace and blessings to you.

  4. It’s horrifying, and I too am angry and super sad. I’ve already written the state senator and the local house rep, inquiring as to their plans and advocacy efforts to stop this madness. Great post, Nico!

  5. Take a lesson from Australia, it worked here, though it wasn’t as entrenched or quite as divided as the US, but I know where I would rather my kids go to school – without fear! Prayers won’t fix it or stop it from happening again. Wake up America!

    1. Exactly!! You are so right! I really like the way other countries have handled this issue, including New Zealand, the UK and Canada. Canada just passed a law against handguns. Thank you so much for your great comments and welcome to my blog. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  6. I am a ‘Political Animal’ & A ‘News Junkie’
    This is all very well-documented on my pages.
    However, I tend to shy away from political discussions.
    I have, over the years, come to realize that it is neigh near to impossible to change anyone’s mind.

    All you get for your efforts are ‘frustration headaches.
    So I gave up that ‘hobby’

    I think one of the other comments here was
    “I love your passion”
    I concur. with that comment


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