Blogging Update: June 2022

What a beautiful summer this is! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The flowers are blooming, and even the bumble bees have taken their rightful place in this beautiful realm. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the natural world.

My wife and I have been focusing on being outdoors this summer. The other day we went for a walk in an apple orchard, and today we went walking in a local park. The apples are just beginning to grow, and it looks like there will be a wonderful harvest in a few months.

So, what about the blog? The blog is doing very well, and I could not be happier with your support and wonderful comments! I do apologize for not being here as much as I used to be.

When I first started blogging I was posting twice a day. How did I ever do that?? I have no idea.

Things have changed a lot in the 8 years I’ve been blogging. That seems like a long time. I have changed too, and in a lot of ways I have simply outgrown the site. I recently cut back to just 2 posts a week, but for the next week it will only be on Saturdays. I may expand that for the entire summer.

However do not feel abandoned! I will be visiting your sites. My summer schedule will be a precursor to my retirement schedule.

I love to write but I need more family time. I’m looking forward to more walks in the apple orchard with my beautiful wife! Some of you ask about her and I’m so grateful you check on us that way. She will always be on chemo, because that keeps her body stable. So yeah, time with my honey is important to me!

Thank you so much for reading!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2022 rivers renewed


55 thoughts on “Blogging Update: June 2022

  1. Ah, I respond to this post in so many ways — grateful for your self-wisdom, challenged by you to think of my own schedule, lonely for more posts and yet holding the ones I get as more precious, deeply thankful for your compassionate sharing of your own life. Blessings on these summer days and those things that grow like apples into harvest.

  2. So beautiful article Summertime and the wind 💨 is feel awesome 👏 So your happiness
    We also participated 😊🌷♥️🙏 So loving couple you two and all the Best moments of
    life will always be nice by God’s grace 🙏🌷Thank you for sharing your walking with
    nature and lovely flowers 🌸🌷👌

      1. You’re welcome, Nico! Always. Oh, that’s so lovely of them. Happy Father’s Day to you too. Thank you. Peace and blessings, my friend.

  3. This is very heart touching stuff you have just written here. I am actually inspired that you have been writing for 8 years, WOW!!! I only have 2 years in this industry. Well this is great stuff once again and I like the bold texts you used and that flower looks lovely. Wishing you a wonderful summertime and your family as well

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