It has been a long time coming, and since I don’t like good-byes I’ll use the term farewell. Many of you know I’m not here much anyway but I need to take it a step further and make it official. I’m retired from blogging.

There are a few reasons. My wife’s health hasn’t changed, and she is still receiving treatment. Love is stronger than fear though.

I’ve decided to do more studying. Many of you that have been with me for a while know, that I love anthropology. What is anthropology? The study of people. I’m also studying gender. Yes. Gender.

We all need and enjoy healing and positivity. I have written that way for a long time. That’s how I used to write though. It’s beautiful but that’s not who I am now. Now I write more like the Emma stories, edgy females that don’t take crap from anyone!

Adding a little supernatural is always fun too. Is there an Emma novel waiting to be written? Absolutely.

Finally the extremism from the far-right is the most dangerous element our country has faced in a very long time. The threat is from the right… not the left. The most the left will do is spend your money.

In a few years we may not have democracy. It’s called fascism. I could rant and rave about this all day on a separate blog, but I simply don’t have time. Yes it does affect my writing.

Finally and most importantly is to say thank you! I cannot thank you enough! Some of you have been with me a long time. I’m in tears as I write this part.

Thank you!

If you don’t mind I’d like to hang around once in a while, visiting.

I wish you peace.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2022 rivers renewed

88 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. dearest nicodemas,

    you can hang around as long as you’d like.

    with so much gratitude, wishing you so much peace, & sending so much love your way,

    tia xo

  2. Dear Nico, I understand your reasons and completely feel your decision 🙂… And even if I’ll miss your writing, of course, spending time with your wife and learning new things is more important than anything! 😻🌞🌸

    This being said – let’s stay in touch and please take care as always! VVN

    1. Thank you Valentin! Of course I’ll stay in touch! Your comments are a beautiful blessing. All the best to you and your friends and of course the Wolf. Peace and beautiful blessings.

  3. OH Nico! We have “known” each other on the blog for a long time and I will miss you, but times change and I fully understand. I will continue to lift your wife up in prayer for her health. I still remember the sweet love poems you have posted about her and the kind of love you guys have is priceless.
    Keep writing! Would love to see a book about Emma. 🙂
    I wish you all the best, my friend, thank you for your support over the years, and know that you will always be welcome to visit. 🙂 Take Care! ❤ and please don't let the negativity of recent events in this world steal your hope and joy! Always hang onto hope!

    1. Thank you JR! Your comments are beautiful blessings, each one. And you are so right about holding onto hope! I need to remember that more often. Peace and beautiful blessings to you and your family. God bless.

  4. So sorry to say farewell, but it is au Au revoir, I have enjoyed your posts, and understand your priorities. You have chosen well, your wife deserves your undivided attention through her illness.

    Shalom and peace be with you.

  5. I’ve been reading your blog since late last year, or early this year. I’ll miss the daily notifications I get from WordPress for your blog.

    I do wish you the best and your wife good health. Lots of love from this reader.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments! Yes, I have seen you here and I really appreciate you being such a wonderful part of my blog. And thank you for your well wishes and blessings. Peace and beautiful blessings to you.

  6. You will be missed Nico. You have touched so many and the ramifications have been long-lasting. Anytime you pop by, you will be welcome. Take care my friend.

    1. Pam I cannot thank you enough! You have been following for a long time and I am deeply grateful. You have been a wonderful blogging friend. Wishing you all the best my friend. Peace and beautiful blessings.

  7. Wishing health for your wife and the best for you. I’ve never commented much on your posts before and definitely not on any political ones, given different points of view. However I do loved other posts of yours and so, thank you for all you’ve shared with us. Again, best wishes.

    1. Thank you Krista for your beautiful comments! That means a lot right now. You have been a wonderful part of my blog! And I also love your posts. I will stop by sometimes. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  8. Dear Nico, I liked your post although I don’t like it. However, I do understand and I am glad you pull the plug when you feel it is time. There is so much more than blogging. I cannot imagine that anyone ever minds you dropping in from time to time. I would appreciate it a lot. And who knows, maybe you start a new story blog one day. Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration you shared over all those years. I am very thankful that I met you. However, take good care and I am sending my heartfelt wishes for good health to you and your wife. You will be missed, Nico. Much love!

    1. Erika you have been a beautiful part of my blogging experience for so long! Thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart. I cannot thank you enough. And I will absolutely visit your beautiful and encouraging site. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings. Thank you again!

      1. May you receive at least as many blessings as you shared to generously here on your blog. Looking so forward to seeing you again, Nico. Much love to you and yours!

  9. Dear Mr Nico,
    It has been nearly 10 years since our paths have crossed through our blogs. Thank you for generously sharing your stories, poems, candid thoughts and photos with us over the years.
    My husband and I will continue to keep you and your wife in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you, and blessings.

    1. Takami thank you! I cannot thank you enough! I am in tears when I think of all of your support, love and prayers over the years. I think you have been my supporter for the longest period of time and that means a lot to me. Peace and wonderful blessings to both of of you.

      1. Mr. Nico,
        Thank you so much for your reply and blessings. Your friendship and encouragement over the years has meant so much to both my husband and me. As said before we will continue to keep you and your wife in our daily thoughts and prayers. You will always have friends in Japan, and always welcome to keep in touch. Please take good care!

    1. Thank you Karen so much! You are one of my longest running supporters, and your kind words, love and well wishes mean a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace and wonderful blessings to you and yours.

  10. It has been an absolute pleasure, Nico. You are a kind and sincere human and engaging writer. Best wishes on your future writing endeavors and studying. Much love to you and your wife. 💞

    1. Thank you Michele so much! I cannot thank you enough for all or your love, well wishes, and encouragement over the years. I will miss your beautiful posts. Peace and beautiful blessings to you.

      1. Your farewell brings a heavy heart, but I am excited for your new adventures and more time with your love. 💞 Thank you for being such a sincere and sweet supporter of my posts. Peace and beautiful blessings to you!

  11. So sad to read this post ‘farewell’ what to write don’t know 😢All the things are positive
    if you believe dear friend and the purpose of your life is whenever you real sad in life 🌷🙏
    Don’t give up hope and May the light shines brightest for you and your lovely Family 🌷♥️🌷

    1. Thank you Thattamma for your beautiful comments and well wishes! Your wonderful comments and constant support have truly been a blessing. May God bless you and your family richly. Peace and wonderful blessings.

      1. Thank you so much for your lovely reply message 🌷🙏✍️
        You are a worth Author for me and always 👏♥️I really miss
        You and gorgeous nature poems 👏All The Best my friend ♥️🙏

      2. Thank you so much for liking my blogs climate changing photos rain and shine 🌷🙏♥️🌷so much missing you and your lovely poems ✍️😊I thinking, by the grace of God you and your loving family are pink of health 🥰👏Grace wishes 🌷🙏💐

      3. Thank you Thattamma! I’m just saying hello today! And thank you for your blessings. I will post a poem this morning. Peace and wonderful blessings to you and yours.

    1. Yes Michel, I’m afraid it is true. Thank you my friend for all of your support! I will stop by occasionally. God bless you and your wonderful family. Peace and wonderful blessings.

  12. I have only known you on this blog for not quite a year, but I have treasured your posts and they have made a difference to me, coming often when I needed a glimpse of beauty or hope … or an edgy Emma story. So many blessings surround you in these next steps and please ask whether your wife if she would feel it was appropriate for me to hold her in my daily prayers (not public in any way) Maren

    1. Maren it’s been difficult to express all that I’ve been feeling the past few days but mostly I am thankful. Thank you so much! Your constant support and beautiful comments are truly a blessing. My wife says yes of course, please pray for her. She doesn’t want her name on the internet but for a focal point you can call her S.

      I’m also grateful for you being a progressive woman of God. Though you didn’t know it, you helped me discover more of my identity and that I needed to be in a progressive church. I have had a background in evangelical and even fundamentalist churches. Not anymore. Progressive churches are so beautiful! I cannot thank you enough for this!

      One more thank you. Thank you for your comment about the Emma stories. This means a lot to me. I think I love writing this way because I can identify through her. I hope you know what I mean. My favorite characters are always women now. And of course the supernatural is always fun. Wolves are a key part. And some how a supernatural Mother is becoming important. My only concern is not to make her too edgy! Thank you again! I will stop by sometimes.

  13. Nico, your writing has been a renewing river for me and others. For this I am deeply grateful. Even when it is not visible to our eyes, I know it will continue to flow.

    1. Joan thank you! Your comments are some of the most beautiful I have ever received! I am in tears now but they are good tears. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

  14. Sorry to hear you’re leaving, Nico, but you have to do what is best for you and your wife. You both will continue to be in my prayers. And I share your same fears about our country. It’s unsettling, to say the least. Anyway, I wish you both joy and healing, and you will be missed. I enjoyed your beautiful writing and also appreciated your support in visiting my site. Take good care. Blessings, Lauren

  15. Oh, Nico! You’ll be missed! ❤️
    I haven’t visited WordPress in a while lately, but during the first lockdown and even after that your poems and writings were such a relief that I cannot thank you enough for that. I hope your wife gets better and you find the peace you deserve and always emanated through your art.

  16. Happy trails on your new studies, and I wish your wife a speedy recovery. It’s never easy to say, “See you later,” but there’s always going to be better things on the horizon. I wish you luck on your endeavors 😊

  17. Wishing you all the very Best Nico. You can take a complete rest and can always come back once in a while and who knows You might start again fresh with New ideas. Many Blessings from iammypath.com!

  18. I love you are following your bliss Nico. I had thought you stopped writing but happy to see you back with your latest piece. Continued prayers of healing for you wife!

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