The Hue of Purple

I wondered, in this tinge of pink, in this hue of purple

what the poetess would contemplate

in the ocean

seeing, more with the heart

could she hear the music

in the waves?

would whale bones speak to her?

no God would condemn

such a soul that loved the mysteries

the vastness of everything

whose being

was awakened

by the sun.

Note: Dedicated to the memory of the wonderful poetess Mary Oliver.

Mary lived for a time in Massachusetts with her partner Molly Malone Cook. Molly was a photographer and at times took pictures of famous people.

Mary’s poetry speaks to me due to her observations of life and nature, and how she feels about being alive. Currently I’m reading her book Why I Wake Early. It is filled with light, and I always feel lifted when I read her work. I highly recommend it.


Poetry, Narrative and Image © Copyright, 2022 rivers renewed


32 thoughts on “The Hue of Purple

  1. Such a beauty of eternal earth The Hue Of Purple written by a poet’s wonderful thoughts 💭 🌷🙏👍🏻
    The lines so inspiring with beauty of purple , Oceans heart sound Wales moving the waves she can hear, the sunlight
    Wakes all and the God ‘s grace wishes all

  2. O what Michel said!!! the lyric poem and reminding me to return to Mary Oliver, see her shaped in the context of Molly, and let her words direct my life.

  3. Beautiful post and thank you for highlighting “ Why I wake early “ by Mary Oliver.
    I have this too and love it. I can hear the music of the sea, of the trees and nature
    around me.


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