Layer upon layer, each layer

of my unending horizons

washes over me

teaching me that I am more,

so much more

than my struggles

clarity, corrected vision

encouragement even

that yes

I can embrace a sense of hope,

and I have

a future.

By God I do.

Poetry and Image © Copyright, 2022 rivers renewed


23 thoughts on “Layers

  1. The most feeling poem gracefully written to read and the photo , like a yacht in the sea standing
    Without a little help , then the wind blows and it slowly reached seashore ,like that just your mind
    getting relaxed with peaceful and getting light 💡 stay special in your own little way dear friend
    🌷🙏👍🏻 grace wishes 👏😍💝

  2. Beautiful and powerful as always, Nico. We do have this future, but our struggles don’t. That’s what reminds us that we are not our struggles, never!

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