Of the Poet’s Heart

Autumn’s frost deepening the crimson of maple leaves, yet

I wonder

of the poet’s heart,

are we only placed here to renew, clearly

we have a voice

as with summer crickets singing

their sweet songs,

yet locusts clattering of who knows what, droning

until summer’s ear no longer listens.

So instead of singing sweetly or droning endlessly

I write simply,

will we survive until next autumn?

I wonder, and an equation is formed like this:



Think it can’t happen in the United States? It already has.

Just ask Paul Pelosi.


Poetry and Image © Copyright, 2022 rivers renewed

P.S. Almost all political hate is from the right. The “both sides” theory is from the right wing attempting to defuse their blame. More than 90% is from Republicans, according to Liz Cheney.


26 thoughts on “Of the Poet’s Heart

  1. So beautiful poem 🌷🙏👍🏻The description of Autumn , in the thought of a poet
    Is very wonderful and the mind is filled with happiness !! So the surround nature
    Is so delightful can feel of the Poet’s heart ❤️ I really enjoyed the poem 😊👍🏻🌷
    Grace wishes dear friend and happy weekend 🌷🙏♥️🌷

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