I’d Rather Have a Cup of Coffee

I’d rather have a cup of coffee with a transgender woman…. than with any extremist on the right, most likely she won’t even own a gun let alone an AR15….. she hates violence of any type,

and since she studies history, we could talk about the constitution…. “assault rifles are not in there…” she continues, “do you realize how long it takes to reload a musket?”

She’s getting her PhD next year, but she tears up, reaches for a tissue from her purse because children aren’t being taught about the pain of racism, “slavery really did happen…. we need to acknowledge our pain, so we can heal”…. I shake my head yes,

when I mention the radical left, she laughs saying, “I’m more of a John McCain myself…..you see how people assume?” …. She mentions the only radicals she knows are in a musty old basement on the east side of Brooklyn, university students writing their manifesto….. “by the way, they have no guns,” she quickly adds,

“I think people just want Grandma to have her electricity on, to have heat in the winter, and some decent food to eat…. instead of dog food out of a can…. is that so terrible?” No not at all, not even one bit, “that’s not radical…. that’s being human,” I add. “Exactly!” she says.

Yes, I’m sure I could have an amazing conversation with a transgender woman….. but not with an extremist, from the right.

What time does Starbucks close?

Writing and Image Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed


41 thoughts on “I’d Rather Have a Cup of Coffee

  1. Quite insightful and interesting. We all ought to rise up firmly against extremism and embrace everybody with love. Love, really, is what we can use to change the world. 💖

  2. So beautiful truth can read from this post 🌷🙏💓 you so lovely wrote today’s fact ,Now We want to adjust and be happy in our busy life 👌🌷
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful article 🙏🌷 Blessed Friday 👏💐

    1. Thank you Michele for your encouraging comments! I do enjoy writing this way and maybe changing some of the stereotypes we have about people. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings to you.

  3. I appreciate this so much, Nico! I wrote a post quite a while ago about being “in the middle”. I’ve NEVER been an extremist! Some of our country lives at extreme ends! And don’t get me started about how I’ve been judged about my own Christianity because I refuse to claim any political party. Here’s what I believe and always will~LOVE WINS! Kindness wins!!! May I join you all for coffee? 💛

    1. You’re right! Love does win Karla! And of course you can join us! We’d love to have you drop by. Thank you for your beautiful comments. In the middle sounds like the right way to me. I’m sorry to say but I think the right has gone far, far astray. Peace and wonderful blessings to you. Happy Easter!

      1. You’re so welcome, my friend. And thank YOU for your kind words and support! I totally understand what you’re saying! Peace and blessings!

    1. Thank you Pragalbha! This was on my heart for quite a while before writing it. I wanted to break down some stereotypes. And as you know I’m very much against far-right ideology. It’s so damaging! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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