Christmas Dance

So often we move, and live in between the beauty of this season,

and the brutality we don’t want to see in our world,

may we learn how to dance, and to love anyway

accepting who we are, choosing to believe

in that hope we know still exists, filled

with dances of light

as we move forward


each of us a graceful ballet

of love and new life.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Poetry and Image © Copyright, 2022 rivers renewed


40 thoughts on “Christmas Dance

  1. So beautiful poem with glory to welcoming festive eason 🙏🌹
    The eternal beauty Of earth and falling leaves seems now winter there as well🌐
    Christmas dance and prayers feeling goodness and love ❤️👏:)Wishing you dear and love

      1. Thank you and Same to you also dear friend! By the way please do visit my page too and share your reviews so that I can also improve myself!
        Have a very wonderful holidays dear💕🤗🌹

      1. Thank you very much, dear friend! May the end of this and the whole next year be a joyful and blessed one for you and your family 💖

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