I Was Lifted Today


I was lifted today by the opening of the tulips to the sun,

and later the rain,

the beauty

in their vulnerability.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies


It’s Always Good to Fall in Love


In March it’s ok to let your hair get blown all over the place,

tossed by the wind

and to relish a light spring rain,

and then smile as the sun begins to appear,

gently caressing your cheek,

and it’s always good to fall in love

in March, walking together

as the tulips begin their journey of color.

Yes in March, it’s ok,

in fact it’s very good indeed.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

In Our Splendor, My Love


In our splendor My Love, it’s as if we get lost

in the essence of each other,

hidden yet without hesitation

knowing, even breathing

the truth that we were made

to love, giving away

our most special gardens

and the gifts

of our hearts.


 20180707_160801 20180707_160226

Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2018, ancient skies,

photos are unaltered, and taken at the United States Botanical Gardens, Washington D. C.

Walk With Me, My Love


Walk with me My Love, through the garden

in the coolness of the day

in the quiet comfort

of the leaves,

where our spirits can rest,

and the shaping of a prayer

can be renewed,

as peace surrenders within

our hearts once again.


take my hand.



Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

Note: All photos taken at the U.S. Botanical Gardens, Washington DC.

The Mystery of You


When we are talking, and I look at your hair,

the mystery deepens.

How can the world be in

a few strands, of black and grey,

with a little bit of brown?

How can one set of eyes, hold

so many answers, give so many clues,

so that the world makes sense?

I wonder,

how can skin be so soft,

so intoxicating,

so exhilarating, when I hold you?

Listening to you breathe,

hearing your heart,

50+ years, and still holding the fire,

still climbing mountains,

still conquering galaxies,

how do you do it?

May I always be worthy,

of your love.


Note: Originally posted April 15, 2015

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies