The Sunlight Streaming Through the Forest


I’m ready now My Love to walk closer, to go deeper, as we watch the sunlight streaming through the forest,

absorbing the darkness surrounding the oak trees and the pines, in the coolness

of the morning.  Hold me My Love, and let’s lift up a prayer, thanking Him

for the beauty. In close, and as we touch each other’s hair

the light dances, on both of us.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

As I Wander


As I wander through woods it begins to lightly rain,

hood up, shoes crunching twigs, even where winter was singing,

the harshness has ended. And now it is time for

the robin, the blue jay squawking, gawking,

jumping from branch to branch

and a dove


asking for peace.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

White Cranes


As white cranes with black legs, slowly meander through the reeds

sifting food, a turtle is brave enough to break the surface

of the pond, and a spring rain falls causing

a young couple to run laughing, to hide

under the cover of large green leaves.

And the white cranes,

stand in the rain pouring.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies