The Gentleness of Light


As the forest surrenders to the gentleness of light,

transforming our minds,

our thoughts even,

renewing our spirits

with reshaping

our epiphany 

a glimpse really 

of a more beautiful

and enduring



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies


Christmas in the Deep Woods


A silence descends into the deep woods this time of year,

as the creatures reflect quietly, snow begins

to blanket the purity, of the earth.

Chipmunks hardly even scurry, and owls

continue to pray silently, each heartbeat

within the woods, dreaming

of the deliverance

of humanity.

Many know

that nighttime, is not the end

of the story.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

Our Brokenness No Longer Dances


In the stillness of the forest fog, our brokenness no longer dances,

as we absorb the silence, and the forest accepting

all of our prayers, our captivity is broken.

And our jagged edges

become smooth,

as we hear the hope

of chipmunks playing

in the leaves,

and our spirit breathes 

even more

of our healing.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies