Garden Meditations


Within the twists and turns of hyacinth veins

the warmth of the sun is absorbed

into our hearts and minds

drawing us out of our shells,

encouraging us

to acknowledge life again,

and in the red fury of tulips

we are pushed beyond our loneliness

into the dreams of loves lost

and won,

even that special one.

All of this given

reminding us we are still

very much alive,

a part of each other

and the earth.


Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

Note: From our garden.

As Our Children Continue to Grow


Remembering little hands covered with dirt and loving it

I shoveled, but you guided them with tenderness, planting

flowers, tomato plants, and some herbs, your hands

covering theirs

down on our knees,

explaining the sun, brings growth

as you closed your eyes, we were silent

smelling the earth

you prayed, and we both pray now

as our children continue

to grow.


Poetry and Image© Copyright 2017, ancient skies