Hope Runs Strong


Hope runs strong in the heart broken,

yet searching the horizon,

believing in the healing

with a measure of success,


the kingdom of despair.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies 

Our Hopes and Dreams


All of our hopes and dreams, the visions

we have for ourselves,

will only come to pass

if we press forward,

moving beyond

the ruins of our lives.

May your spirit be strengthened.



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

Tea and Chocolate


I grew quiet today drawing in, with some reading,

some poetry with a unique culture of love

while the snow outside is melting,

dripping from the pine trees,

and somehow I feel more

when I’m quiet,

a sense

some part of me remembering

the importance

of the inner life,

and of peace

while drinking black tea,

having a piece of chocolate

of the highest quality.

Are you taking care of yourself during this busy season?


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Note: The above photo was taken at a museum.