Leadership of Hope II


“I will never forget that the only reason I’m standing here today is because somebody, somewhere stood up when it was risky. Stood up when it was hard. Stood up when it wasn’t popular. And because that somebody stood, a few more stood up. And then a few thousand stood up. And then a few million stood up. And standing up, with courage and clear purpose, they somehow managed to change the world.”

President Barak Obama


Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies


All Through Our Shadows


In our shattered dreams, in our broken poems

may we receive the light

even through our weeping willows,

so that we can hold our head high again,

pushing away the anger,

infusing our words

with at least a little bit of hope

all through and beyond

our shadows.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

Our Prayers from their Wings


Even the hawks know, as they launch our prayers from their wings,

rivers run deep, in the lowest valleys,

running faster, and more beautiful

than ever before. And still waters

run a deeper quiet, bringing us

closer, awakening our spirits

to seek the river, and a hawk

to lift our prayers

from the earth to the sky.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies